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We are not sure we will continue this project.


You wake up in a place you don't know.  You don't remember why you are here.
But one thing you are sure about, is that containment breach has occurred.
In the panic of containment breach and invasion of hostile forces, you will face conspiracy of the Foundation.


Dangerous creatures and hostile forces are coming to kill you! Can you get out of the facility alive?
This game has a lot of atmospheric, and terrifying scenes. They may be nostalgic for you if you've played SCP Unity long time ago.

Early Access!

The game is under development. Many features can be unstable or unfinished.
You can report bugs here. It will really help development.


Includes attribution of third-party contents.

SCP Foundation
Some assets are imported from SCP - Containment Breach
Additional sound effects from Zapsplat

How to remove saved data files correctly

First, go to this folder

C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Lucked Coronet\

Second, find a folder named SCP Lost in Underground and remove it.

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Official Website


SCP_Lost_in_Underground_v0.3.0.zip 505 MB
SCP: Lost in Underground v0.2.2
SCP: Lost in Underground v0.2.1
SCP: Lost in Underground v0.2.0
SCP: Lost in Underground v0.1.0

Install instructions

System Recommendations

  • Windows 10 (or 11), 64-bit
  • Modern CPU and video card

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This is an amazing game. love this game very much! Graphic and gameplay have great quality. You did excellent job✨


You need modern windows PC

I feel great about this game It's been a while that we don't have some great scp game like scp: CB, hope this will get better and will be scp: CB 2!!!

The Graphics are amazing i can clearly say its the best scp game 

edit: just realized this game is made by LC Studios my fav mc addon maker

Thanks! I'm glad to hear that :D

Is the best scp game ever created in 2022